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Roles & Permissions

Users in Select Star can be assigned one of the following three roles: Viewer, Data Manager or Admin. These roles determine which actions they can perform and which views they will have access to.
Roles apply to main entities or first-class objects in all of Select Star. You can find a detailed view in tabular format below.
User roles can be changed and assigned by going to Settings > Users.
Changing a users permission will not apply changes immediately. To see the changes take effect the user needs to log out, and log in to the platform again.
The different roles have the following permissions:
Data Manager
View tables, dashboards,
popularity, lineage, queries,
documentation, tags, users
Post questions or comments
in Discussion tabs
Receive comment reply
Add/remove/modify: Tags, Owners, Descriptions
Update metadata in bulk with csv
Hide/unhide tables or dashboards from
Select Star
Invite Users
Change user roles and teams
Enable SSO
Data Source connections