Where's my dashboard?

If you have any questions about where you data lives, you can always start at the search bar at the top of the page.

Using search can quickly take you to a dataset even if you already know where it lives in your hierarchy. The search has filters which can narrow down results to a specific BI tool or type of data asset, but if you already know which tool the information you're looking for is in, you can sort through that information in different ways.

If you know you're looking for is in a BI Tool, check the left sidebar for...

Dashboard Pages

From here, use Cmd/Ctrl+F or click the 🔍 icon in the header to open a filter in the page. Type something in to narrow the results.


You can also use the Filters on the right side of the page.

For Mode Reports and Looker Dashboards, you can filter by reports created by a specific user.

In Looker Explores and Tableau Dashboards, you can change the Data Type filters.

Check any of the Category or Status Tag boxes to show data with those tags applied.

See your most popular and least popular dashboards, as well as those with no popularity, documentation, or tags. These filters can help you identify where you need to add documentation or distinguish between excellent and subpar dashboards using tags.

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