Follow these steps to connect your ThoughtSpot instance to Select Star.

Before you start

To connect ThoughtSpot to Select Star, you will need...

1. Generate a Secret Key

Generate a Secret Key in the Develop tab,

  1. As an account admin, log in to the ThoughtSpot.

  2. Click on thr Develop tab.

  1. Under the Security settings section, click Edit, to enable Trusted authentication.

  1. Toggle the switch to enable the feature and Save Changes.

Enabling the Trusted authentication, will trigger a service interruption.

  1. After the changes are saved, you should be able to see and copy the Secret Key.

2. Connect ThoughtSpot to Select Star

  1. Go to the Select Star Settings.

  2. Click Data in the sidebar, then + Add to create a new Data Source.

  1. Choose ThoughtSpot in the Source Type dropdown and provide the following information:

Display Name: This value is ThoughtSpot by default, but you can override it if desired.

Username: This is the username of the user who created the Secret Key from Step 1.

Secret Key: This is the Secret Key from Step 1, which is used to authenticate access to Thoughtspot.

Base URL: This is the address of your ThoughtSpot instance. This should include the https://<instance name>

  1. Once this information is added, click Connect. This will trigger a sync process. You can close this window now.

Your metadata should start loading automatically. Please allow 24-48 hours to completely generate and lineage.

When the sync is complete, you'll be able to explore ThoughtSpot in Select Star.

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