Welcome to the Select Star API documentation! Here, you'll find out how you can programmatically interact with your Select Star instance to automate tasks like updating descriptions and tags.

  • The Overview will explain the more about the purpose of the API.

  • Learn how to perform Authentication by generating an API token.

  • Getting Started will walk you through an example end-to-end.

  • See what Limitations you have on API calls.

  • Check the Reference for API endpoints and their parameters.


Select Star provides a fully featured webapp that enables you to manage your data catalog metadata, including descriptions and tags.

However, there are times where you may want to read or write catalog metadata using a script, whether that's adding a new column description alongside an ETL job, or bulk-adding tags related to a table name.

The Select Star API is the place to interact programmatically with your organization's metadata. The following endpoints are currently supported:

Note that all endpoint paths terminate with a trailing slash. While the API will redirect if the path is missing the trailing slash, unexpected behavior may occur on redirected non-GET requests.


The Select Star API is rate-limited.

  • Burst limit: 1000 requests allowed per 60 second rolling window.

  • Sustained limit: 10,000 requests allowed per 24 hour rolling window.

When the rate limit is reached, any further responses will return a body like:

  "detail": "Request was throttled. Expected available in 56 seconds."

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