Before you start

To connect Mode to Select Star, you will need...

  • Admin access to your Mode account.

  • If you want to see Mode reports in personal spaces and calculate popularity based on the last 90 days of user activity, you will need credentials for your Mode Discovery Database. Learn more about getting access to Mode Discovery Database here.

Complete all of the following steps to see Mode metadata, lineage, and popularity in Select Star.

1. Create an API Access Token

In Mode, go to My Account > API Tokens.

There will be an input for Create New Access Token. Enter a name for your Token and click Create token.

You'll see something like the following:

Save these values, as you will need them in step 2.

2. Connect Mode API to Select Star

Go to the Select Star Settings. **** Click Data in the sidebar, then + Add to create a new Data Source.

Choose Mode in the Source Type dropdown and provide the following information:

  • Display Name: This value is Mode by default, but you can override it if desired.

  • API access token: The Token value from the API token created in Mode.

  • Token secret: The Password value from the API token created in Mode.

  • Organization: The name of your Mode organization. It'll be the part of the url after

  • DB Connection: The database you are running Mode on top of, such as Snowflake or BigQuery.

  • DB Username: The name of the service account user that runs mode queries in your DB Connection. It is not a Select Star service account. This is used to identify which queries Mode runs so that Select Star can generate lineage between the database and Mode.

Click the Connect button.

You must ensure DB Connection and DB Username are set so we can calculate column-level lineage from your DWH to Mode dashboards. You can also verify wether or not the connection has been set by going to Settings > Data > Mode > Connections.

3. Connect Mode Discovery Database

This step is optional, but highly recommended if you want to see Mode reports in personal spaces and to calculate popularity scores based on the last 90 days of user activity.

To learn how to get the Snowflake credentials for Mode Discovery Database, see Mode's instructions here.

To skip this step, click the Next button.

You'll need the following information:

  • Account: Your Mode Discovery Database account name.

  • Username: Your Mode Discovery Database username.

  • Password: Your Mode Discovery Database password.

  • Role: By default, this value is PUBLIC.

  • Warehouse: The name of your Mode Discovery Database. By default, this value is WAREHOUSE_XS_MODE.

  • Database: By default, this value is MODE.

  • Schema: By default, this value is ORGANIZATION_USAGE.

When you have entered the information, click Next.

Your metadata should start loading automatically. Please allow 24-48 hours to completely generate popularity and lineage.

When the sync is complete, you'll be able to explore Mode in Select Star. See the link below for more information on Mode in Select Star.

pageGetting Started: Mode

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