Select Starโ€™s Search is designed to help you find any data objects (tables, columns, Tableau Workbooks, Mode Reports, Looker Explores, etc.) without even knowing exactly what theyโ€™re called.

Use search in Select Star to answer questions such as...

The search bar at the top of the page is always available to find or quickly navigate to any data asset.

Space works as a delimiter in the search, so if you search for order items you'll get results with both "order" and "items", whereas if you search for order_items you'll get results that are looking for "order_items" as one word.

Note that when you search for multiple words, the order of the search terms matters!

All search results are sorted by relevance and popularity, so youโ€™ll see whatโ€™s being used the most on the top. You won't have to worry about someone's test tables or dashboards showing up at the top of the search.

Click on different tabs below the search bar to see results from a specific data source. For instance if you're looking for a Looker Explore, click the Looker tab and then select Looker Explore.

Search Results Page

After you've typed a query into the top search, hit Enter/Return on your keyboard to see a full search results page and browse more high level information at once.

The tabs available in the top search dropdown are separated into individual filters on the side of the page, under Asset Types.

From this view, you can also choose to display or hide other items, such as Tags and Owners, by adjusting the column filters.

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