Ask AI Chatbot

AI Chatbot is currently in public beta. Please reach out to to request access.

AI Chatbot

The Select Star AI Chatbot is extremely useful in providing in-depth and nuanced answers about your data. It can help find the right data assets to work with or get you started on your query. Some top use cases include:

  1. Learn more about your data

    1. Answer questions from existing documentation within Select Star, including descriptions, glossary terms and docs.

    2. Answer questions about how certain things are calculated i.e. How is ARR calculated?

  2. Find the right content

    1. Point you in the direction of the most popular tables or dashboards.

    2. Understand what dashboards exist for a certain business question or domain.

    3. Suggest tables to use to conduct analysis for specific questions.

  3. Help generate queries

    1. Generate queries based on your metadata to calculate an insight.

    2. Recommend join paths between different datasets.

Asking a Question

Ensure that the Ask AI Chatbot must be enabled for your organization. Once you have access, you can chat with AI Assistant directly in the app. Your personal history will be available in the left side bar.

You can rate the responses and tell us how we're doing!

Conversation history is stored and analyzed to continually improve the performance and accuracy of AI Chatbot.

Data Access

Select Star's AI capabilities leverage OpenAI's GPT technology. OpenAI is a SOC-2 compliant vendor, and our security team reviews their SOC-2 report annually.

When using AI features of Select Star, the following data may be shared with OpenAI:

  • Metadata: Names of data objects (such as schemas, tables, columns, dashboards), object descriptions, object types, and the folders they belong to.

  • Select Star Metadata Analysis: Popular SQL queries, popularity scores, table creation statements, and names of data object sources/destinations (i.e., data lineage information).

  • Documentation: User-written documentation (docs, metrics, glossary) within Select Star.

  • Chat Feedback: Any user feedback (ratings or text) from using the AI features.

To be explicit, the following data is not shared outside of Select Star:

  • Data values (Select Star does not have access to your data values by default).

  • User or account information.

  • Select Star user list.

  • Data in queries classified as sensitive, according to PII tags, will be scrubbed or masked.

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