All Teams

On this page you will see a list of all teams created by your organization, and once you click on a specific team name, you will navigate to that team's page.

Team Page

On this page you will find all the details about that team and their members.


This section shows all the activity on the Select Star platform, for all the team members.

Team Description

This sections allows you to add your team description, mention resources, like team Slack channels or GitHub repo links, and even related data assets, like tables or dashboards. This will be visible on the All Teams Page.

Team Members

On the Team Members tab, you will see a list of users that have been added to this team by an administrator.

Using the search feature, you can search for a team member by name or email id. You can also use the sorting buttons to organize the table in a way that's more convenient.

The role refers to a specific function and responsibility in Select Star that is assigned to each team member. To learn roles visit this page.


On the Favorites tab, you can see what data assets that team's members have marked as favorites.


On the Owns tab, you can see all the data assets owned by the team's members, including, Tables, Dashboards, Metrics and Tags.


On the Discussion tab, you can leave a comment for that team's members.

Finding Teams

Using the top search feature, you can search and navigate to the team within Select Star.


To use mentions, you can simply type @ and the team's name, in order to search and mention them.

The Mentioned by section in the Team's page provides you with the information about which asset the team was mention in.

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