Change management

If you need to change a table or a dashboard, Select Star has a few ways to help do this as smoothly as possible.


Data Lineage is designed to indicate where the data is coming from, so you can find dependencies of each table, column, or dashboard. Click on the Lineage tab from a table view to see how it connects to your other tables and dashboards.

Make sure Dashboards is checked β˜‘οΈ at the bottom of the lineage graph if you want to see dashboards or reports.

You can use the lineage graph and the left sidebar to see upstream and downstream dependencies for the table you are planning to change.

The Related tab on a database table shows other relevant data objects, such as other tables or dashboards.

Downstream Dashboards shows any dashboards using data from the table you're currently looking at.

Related Tables, similar to joins, are tables that are frequently used together in SELECT queries.

Similar Tables will show tables that have exactly the same fields and column types as the table you’re viewing. This can be used to identify duplicate tables that may need to be removed.

Discuss changes with owners and creators

If you need more information about how the data is being used, or want to notify anyone of the potential change, you can post a comment in the Discussion section. Table Owners will be notified automatically, and anyone who checks the table will be aware of any upcoming changes.

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