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Schema Change Detection

Easily see schema changes to your tables and columns and understand how your data is evolving over time.
Schema Change Detection helps you identify when your data has changed, and how it has done so. This can help catch unplanned changes, or let you know about new data you can use for analysis.

Detected Events

Schema change detection currently surfaces the following changes:
  • Table create / delete
  • Column create / delete
  • Column data type change
Note: this information is processed from the schema metadata itself. If an object is renamed, this will be processed as a delete event with the old name and a create event with the new name.

Schema Change Activities

All users can see schema change events directly on the tables themselves. Navigate to the Overview tab on a table. On the right hand side under History, users will be able to see the detected events for the table and for columns in that table.
Column schema changes on a table
Admins will be able to see all detected schema change activities on the Admin page under Analytics > Schema Changes.
Search for specific data assets across all schema changes


Data asset owners will receive notifications when an asset the own has a detected schema change.
  • In-app notifications will show all changes
  • Email notifications will be sent per data source after ingestion (if configured)
  • Slack notifications will be sent per data source after ingestion (if configured)
Email notification for schema changes on Snowflake