February 29, 2024 - AI Chat, Schema Change Notifications

We hope our leap day new releases will have you leaping in excitement - I know I am.

What's New ✨

Ask AI Chatbot Public Beta

Answering questions about data is pretty time intensive for data teams, often requires stakeholders to wait for a response, time for the data team to look into an answer, and craft a response. Often these questions can be quickly answered with the right data context.

With Select Star's new Ask AI Chatbot, Select Star helps answer those questions and save everyone time. The top use cases for our AI Chatbot are:

  1. Learn more about your data

  2. Find the right content

  3. Help generate queries

The AI Chatbot is currently in Public Beta and disabled by default. Please reach out to support@getselectstar.com to request access.

Learn more about Ask AI Chatbot.

Schema Change Notifications

Have you ever accidentally made a change that broke another table, dashboard or someone's query? Has one of your queries or dashboards stopped working because of a change in an asset you relied on?

Schema change notifications surface all detected schema changes so you can identify if there have been any unexpected changes and get ahead of issues. With schema change notifications, data asset owners will receive email, in-app and Slack notifications if there is a schema change in an object they own.

Additionally, admins can see all schema changes in the Analytics page.

Learn more about scheme change detection and notifications.

Azure Databricks Support

Select Star now integrates with Azure Databricks to bring more visibility and metadata insights to your data stack.

Have Azure databricks? Get connected today.

What's Improved ➕

  • Admins and object owners can now delete discussion comments

  • If you're searching for improvements or data, look no further

    • We've improved our fuzzy search (when there are typos and close matches) to improve performance and reduce timeouts. May your searches be ever fruitful.

    • Added search for metrics descriptions

    • Improved support for sentence search

    • Reduced noise in search from short frequent words, i.e. "a", "if", "in", "or"

    • Updated search weights so asset names are more important than breadcrumbs

    • Updated search weights so exact title matches trump popularity

What's Fixed 🔧

  • We've updated the endpoint used to get the Looker query ID as the previous one is being deprecated by Looker

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