QuickSight (beta)

To connect QuickSight to Select Star, you will need to...

  • Select Star currently does not support Popularity and Top Users for the QuickSight integration

  • Select Star requires only minimal metadata access to AWS QuickSight

  • The granted permissions are defined in CloudFormation template

  • IAM permission is defined by resource "CrossAccountRolePolicy" in file SelectStarQuickSight.json

1. Connect QuickSight to Select Star

Select QuickSight from the Add Data Source menu and provide the

Display Name - This value is QuickSight by default, but you can override it if desired.

Region - ID of the AWS region where the cluster was created. For example us-east-2,us-west-1, eu-central-1

2. Create an AWS IAM Role ARN using CloudFormation

Select Star recommends use of AWS CloudFormation to setup integration, which allows you to make necessary changes to the QuickSight environment in an automatic, transparent, safe, and auditable manner.

AWS CloudFormation creates an AWS IAM Role to enable access for Select Star and add it to QuickSight cluster.

The source code of the CloudFormation template along with build scripts and real-time logs of the continuous deployment system is available on public repository on GitHub "selectstar/cloudformation-templates" to be freely audited.

You can pass the link to CloudFormation to the infrastructure team to enable the integration to be created.

1. A simple form will be displayed in Select Star.

2. Select the "Open CloudFormation" button. A new window will open to proceed to the creation of a CloudFormation stack by AWS Management Console. Make sure you are logged into the AWS account in which the QuickSight is hosted.

3. The Create Stack form will be displayed. Fill it in with the required information:

4. Review the correctness of information in the form. Under Capabilities check "I acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources".

5. Click Create stack.

6. Wait until the stack changes it status to "CREATE_COMPLETE" from "CREATE_IN_PROGRESS" in tab "Stack Info". The operation should take up to 5 minutes. You need to refresh the tab to see the progress.

7. After completing stack creation, the Role ARN is available from the "Outputs". Copy and save the RoleArn for later use.

3. Confirm authorization

1. Return to Select Star. You should see a form that allows you to provide "Role ARN". Pay attention to its value, it should not contain any whitespace characters (e.g. tab at the end of the line). Fill out the form with the required information:

  • Role ARN: Identifier of AWS IAM Role to use by Select Star. You'll see this after completing step 2.7 of the instructions.

2. Click Save.

3. When the sync is complete, you'll be able to explore QuickSight in Select Star.

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