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Supported SSO Connections

Select Star uses WorkOS to connect your SSO provider to Select Star. The following integrations are supported through WorkOS:

Enabling SSO in Select Star

To enable SSO for your organization, go to Settings.

Click SSO, then Connect SSO.

You'll see a dialog box that asks you to input your domain. This domain should match the email domain of your organization.

For example, John Smith works at Big Company and his email is, so the domain would be

Click Connect via WorkOS to continue. You will be guided through the connection process on their site. See for instructions on how to connect your integration, or find the link in our list of Supported SSO Connections.

When you are finished, click Back to Select Star to log in again using SSO.

User signup using SSO

When SSO is enabled, everyone in you organization will be able to sign in to Select Star using your SSO provider, rather than a username and password.

Users who already have a Select Star account will be required to use SSO the next time they log in after SSO is enabled.

Depending on your organizations needs, you can handle new user sign up in two different ways:

  1. Require invites for new users (default). **** New users will have to be invited by an Admin. They will be required to create their account with SSO.

  2. Allow anyone to sign up with SSO. This can be enabled by Select Star at your request. Anyone in your organization will be able to sign up for Select Star using SSO without receiving an invite. Users signing up with this method will have the Viewer role by default.

You can find high resolution logo image to add to your SSO app here.

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