Data Ownership

Assign Owners to manage datasets and provide transparency.

Assigning owners has a few benefits. If your data has owners, you can:

Assigning owners can also help you identify abandoned data sets no one currently owns, that may need to be maintained or removed.

Types of Owners

You can assign Business and Technical Owners to databases, schemas, tables, dashboards, and Tags in Select Star.

The Business Owner of a dataset is someone who maintains the data documentation, such as a Business Analyst or a Product Manager.

The Technical Owner of a dataset is someone who is in charge of the data pipeline, such as a Data Engineer.

Individual users and Teams in Select Star can be assigned as owners.

Assigning Data Owners

From a table page, Data Mangers and Admins can assign Business and Technical Owners for individual tables by clicking the pencil icon.

To add owners to multiple tables at once, click the database name in the left sidebar to see the database page. Then select the tables individually, or use Shift to select multiple tables at once.

Click Edit Owners to bring up a modal like the one pictured above.

Being an Owner

Owners are responsible keeping documentation on their datasets up to date and answering questions about their datasets.

If something looks off with a dataset, or a new user is looking to get acquainted with the data, they can ask questions in the Discussion tab found on each table, dashboard, and metric page.

Owners will receive notifications through email and the Select Star app by clicking the bell πŸ”” icon in the top right corner. If you have the Select Star Slack App installed, you will receive notifications through Slack.

Table Owners can pin πŸ“Œ helpful comments or Frequently Asked Questions about a dataset so they’ll show at the top of the Discussion tab.

BI Dashboard Owners

For BI Dashboards, owners will be those users who created the dashboard. The BI Dashboard Overview will show Creator (instead of Business and Technical owners), and will be listed under User > Profile > Owns > Dashboards.

The user in your source will be automatically mapped to the user in Select Star where possible.

Ownership Migration

To maintain data ownership even after the data owner leaves, you can assign the user's object to the team or another person when removing them from Select Star. Ownership migration allows you to take full control of your data assets.

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