This page shows a list of integrations and the features they currently support.

IP Whitelisting

For any instance protected by a firewall, you must whitelist the following two IP addresses to connect Select Star.

For instances operating within a non-publicly accessible environment, such as an AWS VPC, please refer to our guide on Integrating Private Network Data Sources for detailed instructions and best practices.

If you are setting up your organization for the first time and adding data sources through the onboarding flow, you can watch this video for more information.

Cloud Data Warehouses


BI / Data Visualization Tools


ETL & Other Tools


Other Platform Apps



Select Star uses WorkOS to connect your Identity Provider to Select Star. The following integrations are supported:

You may need to create a new application with the Select Star logo as part of your setup. You can find high resolution logo image here.

Check out the SAML SSO page to learn more about using SSO in Select Star.

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