Source Tables

This page has information about how source tables and source columns feature works in Select Star. Select Star can show you column-level lineage for your data assets. The lineage view is designed to show where the data is coming from and where is it flowing towards. Both source tables and source columns are a feature generated based on our column-level lineage and show you from which tables or columns the data is coming from directly.

The main distinguishing factor between source tables or source columns feature and upstream lineage feature is that source tables / columns show you the tables from which the data is coming from directly, instead of listing all tables / columns in the upstream. It can be easily described as first tables / columns found in each path when traversing the upstream lineage.

Source Tables

Source tables can be used for most elements in Select Star that are BI tools elements like Dashboard, Reports, Tableau Tables, Tableau Data Sources, etc. It is generated based on Table level lineage.

Source Tables feature can be accessed when using Lineage Tab as showed below:

For given Dashboard, you can see the source tables for the dashboard. Given the image above with Source Tables for a given Dashboard, it was generated from lineage shown on the image below, where you can see that the Source Tables have upstream tables themselves, but we only showed the direct DWH Tables that are feeding data to the Dashboard.

Source Columns

Source columns feature is generated based on column level lineage and can be accessed by clicking any ReportQuery or any other element from BI tools.

This feature is similar as Source Tables, but instead of showing the tables, it shows the columns from which the data is coming from directly.

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