This page has information about how Tags can be used to organize data in Select Star.

Are you an Admin or Data Manager looking for information on how to create and manage tags? See Tag Management.

Category & Status Tags

Create custom Tags in Select Star to organize your organization's data.

There are two types of tags: Category Tags, and Status Tags.

Category tags are used to group information relevant to a department or project. You can have a Sales or Marketing tag to group information relevant to those departments.

Status tags are used to indicate data quality. Mark any datasets or fields as Certified, Sensitive, Deprecated, or any other status you'd use to define the state of the data.

All Tags

Find the All Tags page in the left sidebar to see the different tags created by your organization.

These datasets have been created, approved, and vetted by data experts in your organization. This is a great place to start for newcomers to start and looking to get familiar with your data.

Each Tag can have sub-tags associated with it. You can see the hierarchy of tags in the sidebar or on the that particular tag page

Tag Page

Each Tag Page can have multiple different types of assets associated with it. To get an overview of all the different assets assigned to a Tag, you can go to the assets tab

You can also ask questions in the discussion tab for each tag to ensure all related information close by.

Finding Tagged Data

You can see all tagged data another way by searching for the tag in the search bar.


Filter data with specific tags in database pages or dashboard pages as well.

Nested Tags

In order to nest a tag, just drag it and drop it over the tag you wish to nest it under.

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