November 23, 2023 - Bulk AI Documentation

Hi Data Explorers and Builders 👋

As we are heading to the end of the year, we're excited to introduce a handful of improvements before 2024.

Bulk AI Documentation

We've rolled out AI Assist for table columns and dashboard fields to help you document in bulk. Users can fill in all empty column descriptions in a table with a single button click. You can also remove all generated descriptions at once.

AI-powered documentation is off by default for new accounts. If you'd like to change the availability of these features, please reach out to our customer success team and we will be happy to help 😊.

Updated Tag Modal

Tags play an important role in data governance and management. We are making it as simple as possible to add and manage Tags on objects.Easily add a tag to an object:

To create a new tag, simply type the name of the tag in the tag box and press enter. Tag - you're it.

Migrating Ownership

You've done the hard work of assigning owners for your key data assets, and now someone is changing roles or leaving the organization. Ownership migration helps you update ownership for key assets when removing users from Select Star. Now, when you are removing a user or a team, you have the option to select anewowner for all those assets.

New Aurora PostgreSQL Integration

Are you using Aurora PostgreSQL in your stack? Now you can connect your Aurora PostgreSQL database to Select Star to document and get visibility into lineage and usage!

In addition to the new Aurora PostgreSQL integration, all Postgres integrations now support surfacing existing constraints and indexes present in your database.

Enjoy the new features!

The Select Star Team

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