Snowflake Tag Sync

Follow these steps to enable sync of Select Star tags to Snowflake.

You have the option of syncing Tags created in Select Star back to Snowflake. It will sync status and category tags for both tables and columns. Suggested tags will also be synced.

Enable Snowflake Tag Sync in Select Star

1. Create a custom Tag role in Snowflake

First, you will need to create a custom role and give it access to create and apply tags.

-- Create tag_admin role
CREATE ROLE tag_admin;
GRANT ROLE tag_admin TO USER <select_star_user>;

-- Enable tag creation and assignment
-- <db_name>.<schema_name> will be where Select Star 
GRANT CREATE TAG ON SCHEMA <db_name>.<schema_name> TO ROLE tag_admin;

-- Grant usage
GRANT USAGE ON DATABASE <db_name> TO ROLE tag_admin;
GRANT USAGE ON SCHEMA <db_name>.<schema_name> TO ROLE tag_admin;

You can find more detailed instructions in Snowflake's documentation here.

2. Authorize Tag Sync in Select Star

To enable Snowflake Tag Sync in Select Star

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Choose the Snowflake data source in the sidebar.

  3. Click the Snowflake Tag Sync tab.

  1. Click the Enable Tag Sync button.

  1. Enter the Role name of the role you created in step 1 of this guide (tag_admin in our example).

  2. Enter the Database Name and Schema Name where Select Star should create Snowflake Tags.

  3. Click Connect.

Select Star will be able to use this role with the credentials you added when you connected Snowflake as outlined in our Snowflake Setup Guide.

You will first see a message indicating that the Sync is in progress. Once the sync is done, we'll indicate that the tags were synced successfully.

Please note: It can take a few hours for tags to update in Snowflake's tag_references view.

You can disable tags at any time by clicking the Disable Tags Sync button.

Disabling tags will delete all tags created by Select Star from your Snowflake instance.

Select Star tags in Snowflake

When Snowflake Tag Sync is enabled, any Tags created in Select Star will be visible in Snowflake.

Select Star tags will have SELECT_STAR_CATEGORY (for Category) or SELECT_STAR_STATUS (for Status) prepended in the TAG_NAME field. The value of the tag is left empty.

Example: If you had a Sales Tag in Select Star created as a Category tag. The Snowflake tag created would be called SELECT_STAR_CATEGORY_SALES.

Note: Currently, you can only sync tags from Select Star to Snowflake, and not the other way around. This is to prevent the tools from overwriting each other.

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