Sigma Computing

Before you start

To connect Sigma to Select Star, you will need...

  • Admin access to your Sigma account.

1. Create Sigma API Token

From your Sigma account, go to Administration and Create a New API Token.

Make sure you create an API Token and not an Embed Secret; set yourself as the Owner.

After you click Create, you'll be prompted to store your API Key Secret in a secure location.

You'll need both this API Key Secret, and the associated Client ID, to complete connecting your Data Source in Select Star.

2. Check your Sigma Cloud Config

Before you leave your Sigma Administration screen, check your Cloud configuration.

3. Connect Sigma API to Select Star

Go to the Select Star Settings. Click Data in the sidebar, then + Add to create a new Data Source.

Choose Sigma in the Source Type dropdown and provide the following information:

  • Display Name: This value is Sigma by default, but you can override it if desired.

  • API Client ID: The API Client ID from step 1 above.

  • API Client Secret: The API Secret Token from step 1 above.

  • API Server: This is based on the Cloud Configuration in step 2 above. When your Cloud Configuration is AWS, you'll select Otherwise, you'll select

  • DB Connection: This is based on the database connection used in your Sigma instance.

  • DB Username: This is the database user configured in your Sigma instance.

In order to show the cross-platform lineage, the DB Connection & DB Username need to match with your Sigma connection details.

Getting Started: Sigma

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