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With dbt docs Sync, customers can update table and column descriptions in Select Star and have them seamlessly synced back to your dbt repository.


Key Benefits

  1. Automated Documentation Sync and Version Control Transparency: Say goodbye to manual updates and let Select Star do the work! dbt docs Sync automatically transfers table and column descriptions from your Select Star documentation to your version control repository.

  2. Enhanced Collaboration: Empower your team to collaborate seamlessly by maintaining clear and up-to-date descriptions. The shared documentation will provide valuable insights to your team members, ensuring everyone stays on the same page.

  3. Ease of use: Documenting your dbt tables and columns is a walk in the park with Select Star, unlike the old-school YML file editing. Instead of grappling with code, Select Star offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to seamlessly add and update descriptions directly. This intuitive approach ensures that your documentation process is not only simpler but also more accessible to your team members, fostering efficient collaboration.

Sync Frequency

A Pull Request (PR) is automatically created in your Git Repo at the scheduled time, which is currently set to 12pm UTC. If there are any pending changes to the descriptions, a new PR will be generated daily.

If there is an open PR created by Select Star, the daily scheduled job will close the branch, perform a Git sync, and then create a new PR. This process helps us steer clear of any merge conflicts in your repository.

Known Requirements

Schema File

Select Star syncs descriptions from and to models. While you can create models by just creating a sql file, we require that you have a schema.yml file in your dbt repository in order to sync the descriptions back to your model.

Validated Descriptions

Select Star can display descriptions for columns in many different ways: Suggested descriptions propagated up/downstream, AI generated descriptions, etc. For us to sync back descriptions to your dbt repository we require that the description is manually confirmed or entered by the user.

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This feature is in Private Preview. Please reach out to support@getselectstar.com if you to enable this feature.

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