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Welcome! Select Star can help you get acquainted with your organization's data in a few different ways.

All Tags

Visit the All Tags page from the left sidebar to see the different tags created by your organization. These are already approved and vetted datasets.

If you're working on a particular team or project, see if your organization has created a Category Tag for it, so you can find the datasets most relevant to you.

πŸ’‘ Use the filter dropdown in the top right corner of the page to see different kinds of tagged data, from database tables to columns to dashboards for your BI tool integration.

Team Profiles

Everyone in Select Star must be assigned to a Team. When an Admin invites you, they will assign you to a Team to match the team in your organization. You can click on the label next to your name on your profile to see your Team's profile.

From the Team page you can see:

  • Team Members and their most recent activities on Select Star

  • Their most used (Most Queried) datasets

  • Recent Queries team members have run on different datasets

  • Favorite datasets of the team

  • Datasets the team Owns

You can learn more about the main datasets, and how they’re being used by the team.

Use the search bar at the top of the page to find any kind of data, even if you can't remember exactly what it's called.

Get acquainted with different popular datasets using Select Star without struggling through hundreds of tables or different tools to find what you're looking for.

Click a result to be taken to that page.

Individual Table and Dashboard pages have lots of information available. Check these links to learn more:

pageDashboard PagepageTable Page

Queries & Joins

The Queries & Joins tab can be especially helpful for new Analysts joining the organization who want to understand how a dataset is used.

From a data table page, click the Queries & Joins tab.

Popular Queries shows the queries run most frequently on the database, sorted by popularity.

The Popular Joins tab shows the tables that are most frequently joined to the current table.

The Recent Queries tab shows the 50 most recent queries run on that database since the last metadata sync. This can give a broader view of how different people in your organization use this dataset.

On each of these tabs, you can click the Query Name or Join Condition to see a sample query in more detail.

The right sidebar highlights helpful information information at a glance, such as the different tables used in the query and join conditions.

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