CSV Metadata Upload

Metadata Upload

Admins and Data Managers can quickly update table and column descriptions for Data Warehouse connections in bulk by uploading a CSV file.
This comes in handy when you have the DWH available in CSV format or can export it easily from a different tool.
If you want to modify or upload or other information in batches for different datasources, you can do so by using our Rest API.
Go to Settings.
Click Metadata Upload under the Data Manager section.
Download the .csv template and you can add the metadata you want to change. Then Upload the CSV.
If you need help understanding the CSV Template, see below.
Once descriptions are saved in Select Star, they will be indexed by the search engine and show up in search results right away.

Understanding the CSV Template

The template currently accepts the following fields:
  • Database Name
  • Schema Name (Note: Currently, documentation cannot be added at the Schema Level)
  • Table Name
  • Column Name
  • Description
  • Business Owner
  • Technical Owner
When you fill out the .csv template, make sure you understand the following:
  1. 1.
    Each row represents a metadata update
  2. 2.
    Owners can only be applied at the table level
  3. 3.
    Owner fields are emails of individual users with Select Star accounts
  4. 4.
    You can add Descriptions and Owners in the same row
  5. 5.
    Fields are required up to the level of the documented data
To explain point #5 further, consider an example where the database structure is as follows:
  • Database Name: OLIST
  • Schema Name: DATASETS
  • Table Name: ORDERS
  • Column Name: ORDER_ID
To add a description for a column, put a row in the spreadsheet including the Database Name, Schema Name, Table Name, and Column Name.
To add a description for a table, include the Database Name, Schema Name, and Table Name.
To add a description for a database, include only the Database Name.
To illustrate points #2-4, Owners are added in this example to the table only:
Database Name
Schema Name
Table Name
Column Name
Business Owner
Technical Owner
Unique identifier of the order.
This table has information about all orders.
This is database contains all information regarding orders made to the Olist store, including raw data and analytics/reporting data.