Custom Attributes


You can add custom attributes based on asset type in Select Star. A custom attribute is shown in the details section in overview tabs, as a column in the tables, and in the column-level page.

You can use rich text or markdown in the custom attributes, adding styles, like bold text, and links.

Getting Started

You can go to Settings > Data > Custom Attribute to create and edit custom attributes.

Create a Custom Attribute

To create a custom attribute, you must have admin permissions for Select Star.

Click on the Add button, in your admin panel as shown in the image above, and enter the information as follows

Attribute Name: Choose a name for your custom attribute

Attribute Type: Choose a type for your custom attribute

Select Asset Type to apply: Choose which assets your custom attribute will be added

Update a Custom attribute

To update a custom attribute, you must have admin permissions for your organization.

Go to Settings > Data > Custom attributes and click Edit on the custom attribute you want to edit.


Custom attributes are also available in the Select Star API.

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