Table Page

Database tables in Select Star each have their own page where you can explore a variety of information.

You can watch a video going over the Table Page, or keep reading to learn more.

This page gives an overview of the information available in three different areas:

Click the links within this page to learn more about specific features.

Basic Information

  • The full table path of the table in the database.

  • Tags that have been applied to the table.

  • A description of the table. Descriptions can synced from Snowflake or dbt's persist_docs function, or you can add them directly in Select Star.

Operational Information

  • Business and Technical Owners - Subject matter experts for this particular table, capable of answering business and technical questions about the data. These can be assigned by Admins and Data Managers.

  • Popularity - Calculated by Select Star. This is the # of times queried by # of users over a customizable period of 30-90 days.

  • Table Size - The size of the table and number of rows.

  • Last Update - When the table metadata was last updated. This value does not indicate when the data values were last updated.

  • Last Refreshed - Shows when the data values were last changed, such as with an INSERT or UPDATE query.

  • <SQL> - When available, clicking this will show the SQL used to create the table or view.

Table Tabs

Tabs will give you special information about the table data and how the data is used in the context of your organization.

  • Columns - The columns in that table, along with any descriptions or Tags they have. See how popular individual columns in a table are, as well as which columns are used to join to other tables. Columns can be ordered three ways on a table page. A -> Z, Z -> A, and Ordinal. Click the header to change the order.

  • Lineage - This tab will have an interactive graph to explore of Upstream Sources and Downstream Targets connected to this table, as well all the Downstream Dashboards.

  • Queries & Joins - Recent and popular queries and join conditions you can use to understand how the data is used.

  • Related - This tab has a list of Similar and Related Tables, where Similar Tables are tables that have the exact same table structure as this table, while Related Tables are tables that can be joined to this table.

  • Top Users - The people or service accounts who are most relevant for this table. This is separated into Table Users who have the most queries against this table, and Dashboard Users who have the most views/queries of directly downstream dashboards.

  • Preview - A sample of data values in this table. This is disabled by default, as Select Star only looks at metadata from your sources. Contact a Select Star representative if you would like to enable this by sending some sample data values.

    • Note: Preview data is not persisted, it is queried each time it is requested.

  • Discussion - Anyone with a Select Star account can post questions or comments on this dataset, which are then searchable.

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