Getting Started: Tableau

In the left sidebar under Tableau, click on Projects or Data Sources to see everything in one place, ordered by popularity. Popularity in Tableau is based on the number of views.


From the All Projects page, you can see all the Workbooks you have in Tableau in one place, ordered by popularity.

Use Cmd/Ctrl+F or click the 🔍 icon in the header to open a filter in the page. Type in a filter to narrow the results.

You can also use the Filters on the right side of the page to change which Workbooks you see based on level of popularity, tags, and more.​

Change the Data Type filter in the right sidebar to see Views instead of Workbooks.‌

You'll have the same filter options as in Workbooks, with the option to see Sheet or Dashboard Views.

Workbook Page

Click on a Workbook from the sidebar or the Projects page to see details about the Workbook. Each Workbook page will also display the Views in the Workbook, ordered by popularity.‌

The Lineage tab will show where the data in the workbook comes from. See the Top Users of the Workbook or post questions in the Discussion tab.​

Workbooks show column-level lineage for both embedded and published data sources (which you can also find in Select Star under Tableau).

Data Sources

Click on Data Sources to see all your embedded and published data sources for Tableau in one place.

Use the filters in the right sidebar to sort your information. You can choose here to see either Embedded or Published datasources.

Data Source Page

Click a data source from either the Data Source page or the left sidebar.

See all the fields in the data source, identified by whether they are measures or dimensions. You'll also be able to see or add tags or descriptions, and see lineage. Use the Discussion tab to ask questions relevant to this data source.

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