July 9, 2024 - Lineage Explorer 2.0, Slack AI and Notifications

Select Star Summer Releases

This month we have some exciting releases that are sure to make a splash! We are announcing a number of new features and improvements that have been rolled out over the past few months.

What's New

Lineage Explorer 2.0 🔭

We’ve released a major upgrade to our lineage explorer. Lineage is where data consumers go to get context into how a table or dashboard is defined, where the data for it is coming from and how it is used. It’s also where data producers conduct root cause analysis, impact analysis and plan data model changes. Our recently released next gen lineage interface makes it easier to see

  • where data is coming from

  • visualize and navigate large lineage graphs

  • filter for just the lineage (e.g. see only as-is column level lineage)

Slack AI Assistant & Updates 🤖

Today so much of communication is in communication platforms such as Slack. Every data team has at least one #data channel where stakeholders come to ask questions. Now with Select Star’s AI Assistant integrated into our Slack integration, Select Star can answer these questions for your stakeholders automatically! Key use cases include:

  • finding the right data

  • writing queries

  • answering questions about your data

We’ve also made incremental improvements to our Slack integration to surface relevant metadata. Updates include

  • Improved Slack unfurls for Select Star URLs

  • Automatic unfurls for assets in Select Star, based on breadcrumbs (i.e. database.schema.table)

  • Easier configuration to improve the visibility and ease to link user accounts between Slack and Select Star

Check out our Slack documentation to get started.

Notification Management for Users, Teams and Orgs 🔔

Notifications are only useful if they are relevant, consistent, and in the right place. With our release of schema change notifications, we heard from you that you’d like to have more control over what notifications are sent and where they are sent to. We’re excited to announce more flexible notification management for Users, Teams and Orgs, including schema change notifications for teams and at the org level.

  • Users can now configure which notifications (metadata, schema changes) they want to receive, in addition to where (Email, Slack)

  • Teams can now have an email or Slack channel configured to receive notifications, and can configure which notifications are sent

  • Organizations can now configure all schema changes to be sent to a specific Slack channel

Learn more about team and organization notifications! 📣

Amazon QuickSight

We’re excited to release our integration with Amazon QuickSight. If you’re using QuickSight, you can now see full lineage from data warehouse to QuickSight dashboard, what warehouse tables are driving the most value in your reporting layer, and what dashboards are reliant on each table.

Learn more about the Amazon QuickSight integration.

What's Improved

In addition to our major releases, we’ve also been hard at work making the existing capabilities work better for you!


  • Improved search performance - reduced average and median search times by 50%

  • Added data type CSV export on the table > columns page

  • Added reCaptcha on login page

  • Removed service accounts from Top Users

  • ERD Usability Improvements

    • Easy access to ERDs with the new ERD button on table pages

    • Expand ERDs beyond your initial view

    • Visibility into SQL queries behind ERD edges


  • Support for PowerBI Dataflows and Datasets

  • Support for Databricks Notebooks and notebook lineage

  • Tableau Data Source Fields - New subpages to easily see field lineage

  • Support for dbt account specific URLs

  • S3 → Redshift lineage support

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