Automated PII Detection

Manage metadata PII rules to automatically classify your sensitive columns.

Select Star’s PII Tag allows users to remove any sensitive values from SQL queries, where they are exposed. Automated PII Detection comes out of the box with default rules, and allows users to define additional rules to automatically identify and tag sensitive columns.

Automated PII rules can be viewed and managed by Admins in Settings (Profile Icon > Settings > Automated PII Detection).

Create a Rule

Rules can be created by clicking + Create a Rule at the top of the page. Users must set a name, select the PII type (i.e. phone number), and specify a rule to automatically identify columns.

Rules must be defined using python regular expression syntax, and are matched against column names.

Rules are run once a day after the metadata sync. Click the refresh button in the top right run and refresh all rules.

Users can see and download the matched columns for a given rule by clicking on the Matched Data count for that rule.

Edit and Delete a Rule

Users can edit or delete a rule by clicking on the edit or delete icon for that rule.

Rules that are edited will be re-run after the next metadata sync.

Automatically Tagged Data

Data matched with a PII Rule will be shown with a PII tag with the rule name in the tooltip.

Users can remove the automatic tag just as any other tag. Note: any tag manually removed will not be automatically added back unless a rule is created/edited that matches to the column.

Note: data will only be matched with one rule, so if multiple rules might apply, the first one will take precedence and the data will be tagged with that rule.

Default Rules

Automated PII Detection comes out of the box with the following rules to classify your sensitive columns:

  • Address

  • Banking

  • Birthdate

  • Document

  • Email

  • Face Photo

  • Gender

  • Marital Status

  • Nationality

  • Online Account

  • Online Address

  • Password

  • Person

  • Phone

  • Salary

  • SSN

  • Username

History Tab

Admins can navigate to the history tab to see the most recent 50 activities related to creating a new rule, updating an existing rule, or deleting a rule.

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