Connect Data Source Users to Select Star

Select Star tries to connect users between data sources automatically, so you have a single view of user activities and usage between your data warehouses and BI tools.

If you don’t have emails associated with the data source account (i.e., Snowflake or Postgres users), it is recommend that you to connect them in the Select Star UI.

Mapping data source users to Select Star users

Select Star will automatically map data source users to Select Star users based on their emails. Assuming the same email is used in Select Star as in Looker, for example, that will be detected automatically.

For data warehouses, the usernames may not be detected automatically, so admins can map them in the Settings page.

From the Settings page, click on a data source. You'll see a page with all the users Select Star has identified from your data source's metadata in one column. In the other, you'll be able to choose or type a filter to bring up the matching Select Star user.

Service Accounts

To make your popularity calculations more accurate, you'll want to mark your ETL users as Service Accounts.

Put a check β˜‘οΈ in the Service Account column if you'd like Select Star to recognize it is not a person that interacts with your data in a meaningful way.

Activities from Service Accounts will be weighted at much less when calculating Popularity, so that your popularity score is driven by human users, not recurring ETL jobs.

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