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Follow these steps to connect your dbt project to Select Star.

Before you start

To connect dbt to Select Star, you will need...
  • Permission to build the dbt project
Select Star won't need any permissions for dbt directly, but you will need to build the dbt project and generate build artifacts.
Complete the following steps to connect dbt to Select Star.
Note that in order to see changes to your dbt project reflected in Select Star after the initial connection, you must complete either step 3 or step 4.

1. Determine what kind of dbt connection you need

Select Star can integrate with dbt via dbt cloud or via build artifacts (manifest.json, catalog.json, etc).
for DBT Cloud we require...
  • a service token for the metadata api
  • a job id for a custom job that will generate all the metadata we need
  • a Read Only and Metadata Only permission set
Select Star can integrate with dbt in two ways.
You can select one or both options.
  1. 1.
    Sync dbt documentation. If all of your dbt models exist in your data warehouse and you are not using dbt's persist_docs function, you can surface dbt documentation for your data warehouse using this ingestion setting. Note, there will be no tests ingested in this case.
  2. 2.
    Create separate data source. If your dbt setup includes any models (such as incremental or ephemeral models) which are not stored in your data warehouse or you want to see your tests and test runs, you can create dbt as a separate data source in Select Star in order to see complete lineage and test metadata.

2. Connect dbt to Select Star

Go to the Select Star Settings. Click Data in the sidebar, then + Add to create a new Data Source.
Choose dbt in the Source Type dropdown and then follow the instructions for how you want to connect:


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