Automatic Documentation

Select Star makes documentation simple with suggested documentation, description and tag propagation, and public documentation automatically loaded.
Suggested description and suggested documentation are partially based on how data is propagated downstream. You can learn more about how we classify downstream propagation in the Data Lineage - Types of Data Propagation section.
We base suggestion on how data is documented downstream, but we tag in both up and downstream. We suggest you add descriptions and tags at the source and let the propagation be downstream, but we will also do the process upstream.

Suggested Descriptions

Select Star will automatically fill in table & column descriptions that match the following:
  • Similar columns (table structure is the same and we regard the table as a duplicate)
  • Similar BI fields
  • Upstream / downstream fields where the data has been inherited AS IS
User descriptions and loaded descriptions will be displayed in black, and suggested descriptions will be shown in gray to highlight the origin of the description.
You can edit the description to set its value manually and this will override the suggested description.

Suggested Tags

Tagging is one of the most important feature in data cataloguing and data governance. Select Star will automatically suggest tags in your data assets so you don't have to tag every single element in your data catalog.
We infer tags for suggestions by
  • Upstream and downstream fields where data is propagated AS IS
  • Tables and column relationships for PII.
Suggested tags example # COL1
Suggested tags will show up with a grey background to indicate they are suggested and not manually assigned by a user.
You can hover over the tag to get more information about the origin of this suggestion.
Tags can be edited at any time so you can explicitly override tag suggestions to suit your needs.

Public Docs

When using tables where public documentation is available, Select Star automatically loads that documentation into your Select Star instance.
Descriptions loaded from public documentation will display as gray text until a user makes an edit.
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