1. Data Source Setup

The first thing you need to do when setting up Select Star is to connect a data source.

Visit the Integrations page to see a list of integrations. Find the page for your data source to see specific setup instructions.


The steps for granting Select Star access to your metadata are slightly different for each source, but you will need admin access to any source you want to connect.

Add your data source to Select Star by going to Settings.

Click Data in the sidebar, then + Add on the page.

Clicking + Add will open a modal with a dropdown where you can select your data source.

If you have a data warehouse, it is strongly recommended that you add the data warehouse connection first, before you add BI tools and other integrations.

Once you connect your source, lineage will be automatically generated for each data asset across your data sources, as well as the popularity of any tables, columns, and dashboards. ****

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