dbt Tests

dbt Tests are now going to be ingested into Select Star!

To add dbt tests into your existing SelectStar organization, you will need to either update permissions (dbt Cloud) or add a run_results.json (dbt Core)

To see how to update your config:

dbt Clouddbt Core (open source)

Once updates, to find dbt tests, go to the dbt tests page from the hierarchy

All tests that have run in the dbt data source should be available in the dbt tests page.

To filter for failed tests, click on one of the tabs on top:

To view dbt tests that have run for a particular model or table, we can go to the newly added tests tab in each table/model page:

Click on any of the tests to drill down even further to see information such as all test runs and errors from the latest test run and the last run date.

You can each see the source of each test and copy this information really quickly:

dbt tests are also searchable like any other asset type in Select Star

Each test is part of the Select Star features i.e it can be tagged and can have descriptions. To learn more about tagging:


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