Getting Started: Looker

In the left sidebar under Looker, click on Explores or Dashboards to see everything in one place, ordered by popularity. Popularity in Looker is based on the number of views.


From this page, you can see all the Explores from each of your folders in one place, ordered by popularity.
Use the Filters in the right sidebar to change which Explores you see based on level of popularity, Tags, and more.
Change the Data Type filter in the right sidebar to see LookML Views instead of the default Explores.

Explore Page

Click on an explore from the sidebar or the Explores page to see details about the Explore. Each Explore will also display fields ordered by popularity.
The Lineage tab will show where the data in the Explore comes from, or check the Related tab to see what Downstream Dashboards are built from this data. See the Top Users of the Explore or post questions in the Discussion tab.
Select Star can identify Looker fields which have been used as a Filter or a Pivot.


The Dashboards page shows all Dashboards ordered by Popularity.
The Created By filter on this page allows you to find Dashboards created by a specific user, if you click + Add Filter.
Click +Add Filter to choose a user.
The other filters work the same way as the ones on the Explores page, allowing you to see Dashboards with a specific tag or with a level of popularity.
Select Star displays dashboard loading and quality status based on when the last dashboard or report run has happened. You may find the quality status from the following icons:
  • ​
    Indicates uncertain loading status. This dashboard has not been run in a while.
  • ​
    This dashboard's last run was unsuccessful. One or more of the queries has an error.
  • No icon on this page indicates the dashboard is loading successfully. No news is good news! Individual dashboard pages will show Loading Status: ✅

Dashboard Page

Click on a report from the All Reports page to see detailed information about that report, such as lineage, Top Users of the report, and more.