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Select Star provides an application for Slack that you can use to quickly find and share links to data assets with other people in your organization.
Using the Select Star App for Slack, you can leverage the power of Select Star's search to quickly send a starting point for others to explore, receive Select Star notifications, or browse through search results.



You will need admin access to your organization's Slack.


Visit and click Add to Slack. You'll be redirected Slack in the browser and asked to grant permissions.
Click Allow. You'll be guided through a few simple integration steps by Slack. Then you'll be all set up to start using the app!

Slack Notifications

When you add the Select Star app for Slack to your Slack, you will start receiving notifications when changes are made in Select Star. These are the same notifications you would see in the Select Star app.
You'll receive a notification if:
  • You are added as an Owner to a table.
  • Someone comments on a table you own.
  • Someone replies to a comment you posted, or mentions you in a comment.

Slack Commands

Currently, the app has two commands.
  • Help Command: Learn the usage of the Select Star App for Slack.
  • Search Command: Search and post results from Select Star in Slack. You can also specify the type of search results you'd like to see.

Help Command

Keep in mind you can type /help into Slack at any time to see usage information for the app.

Search Command

Search Select Star using the command /selectstar <search query> or /s* <search query>. Both commands work the same way; one is simply shorter than the other.
For example, if you search /selectstar customers in Select Star, you may see something like this:
You'll see the results in the same order you would in Select Star, where the most relevant and popular items show first.
If the first result isn't what you're looking for, you can click the Next and Previous buttons to browse through the results, or choose to See all results in Select Star to open the search results page in your browser.
Search results from the Select Star App for Slack will be visible only to you, unless you choose to click the Post button, which will share the results to everyone in the channel.

Searching by Type

If you are looking for a specific kind of data, such as a database table or Tableau view, you can specify the type in the command.
Based on the same example above, if you wanted to find database tables with "Customer" in the name, you would search /selectstar customer type:columns, with no space between type: and columns.
The current list of types you can search by are in the /help command.