Getting Started: Snowflake

Click on a Snowflake database in the left sidebar to see all schemas and tables in the database, ordered by Popularity.

Database Page

From here, use Cmd/Ctrl+F or click the
icon in the header to open a filter in the page.
You can also use the Filters on the right side of the page.
Further customize the information you see on this page by clicking the filter icon
at the right side of the header. You can display Tags and Owners, or hide existing columns.
Check any of the Category or Status Tag boxes to show data with those tags applied.
Scroll down in the page to see more filters.
Find datasets which have no Owners assigned, or ones which belong to specific users or teams.
See your most popular and least popular datasets, as well as those with no popularity, documentation, or tags. These filters can help you identify where you need to add documentation or distinguish between excellent and subpar datasets using tags.

Column View

Change the Data Type in the dropdown to see all columns in a database. It will show all tables and views by default.
When looking at columns, you can do more granular work than the table view, but broader work than viewing an individual table. You can filter based on schema or table in the right sidebar, or find columns of a certain data type.
Unknown column types are any column types not represented by the other filters. Unless you are using custom type fields, you should not expect to have any.
You can still filter by Tags and Popularity. The column-level view will also show and have a filter for columns used to join to other tables.
Showing only Join Field columns in the Datasets Schema
Anywhere you see a
on a column, that indicates the column is a join field. This is shown from individual tables views as well.

Table Page

Click on a table or column from the Database page to see detailed information about that table, such as table lineage, common queries run on the table, Downstream Dashboards, and more.
Explore the table page in more detail by clicking the link below.