The glossary helps you keep key business terms centralized and common across the organization.

All users can view Glossary terms in the Docs tab, and additionally can filter to Glossary terms under All Documents.

Data Managers and Admins can see and create new glossary terms directly in the UI by clicking on Create New Doc > Glossary in the left navigation, or can upload a CSV to create terms in bulk.

When creating Glossary terms in bulk, note the expected format is

  • Only two columns in the CSV: Name, Description

  • If duplicate names are seen in the CSV, it will create a new term and will not modify the existing term

Stakeholders can also use the Discussion tab to ask questions or make comments about the glossary term.

The owners will be notified of any comments. By default, both the Business and Technical Owner of a glossary term are set to the person who created it. Data Managers and Admins can change the Owners as needed, and even apply Tags to metrics by clicking the 🏷 icon next to the title.

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