October 16, 2023 - New Homepage

The homepage is the first thing users see when logging in to Select Star. Our latest homepage updates make it much easier for users to pick up where they left off, and see items that might be relevant to them.This revamped homepage consists of six main sections;

  1. Recently Viewed: The most 4 recently viewed items by user

  2. Your Top Items: Top viewed data objects in the user’s personal collection excluding documents and tags

  3. Most Viewed in Your Team: Top 4 most viewed items within user’s team excluding documents and tags.

  4. Top Pages in Your Org: Top 4 items in top pages excluding documents and tags

  5. Popular in Your Org: The 4 most popular items by popularity score

  6. Recently Added: Newly added data objects from daily ingestion

Explore this new update and let us know if you have any thoughts!! Happy Monday everyone!

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