Queries & Joins

The Queries & Joins tab appears on database tables to show common queries performed on the table.

You can use the Queries & Joins tab to answer questions like...

The Popular Queries tab shows the queries run most frequently on the table, sorted by popularity.

If you have BI or ETL tools with accounts which regularly run queries, this may skew popularity. You can mark these accounts so they will not affect popularity if desired.

Click on the Query Name /Sample to see detailed information about the query.

The right sidebar highlights helpful information information at a glance, such as the different tables used in the query and join conditions.

Copy the SQL from the query details and run it in your data warehouse to see what kinds of results it returns.

The Popular Joins tab shows the tables that are most frequently joined to the current table. Click the Join Condition to see an example of a query used to join the current table to other tables.

Recent Queries

The Recent Queries tab shows the 50 most recent queries run on that table since the last metadata sync. This can give a broader view what people in your organization use this dataset for.

⌨️ You can filter these results by User or Query using the Cmd/Ctrl+F shortcut on your keyboard.

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