Dashboard Page

Dashboards and reports in Select Star each have their own page where you can explore a variety of information.
Different BI Tools use different words to describe dashboards, reports, or other specific views they use to organize data. These docs try to use language specific to the tool when possible, but in general this type of content is referred to as "dashboards."
This page gives a brief overview of the information available in three different areas:
Click the links within this page to learn more about a specific feature.

Basic Information

  • The name of the dashboard or report.
  • Tags **** that have been applied to the dashboard.
  • A description of the dashboard.

Operational Information

  • A button to Open the dashboard in your BI tool. This will only work if you have an account for the BI tool and are logged in.
  • Created By - **** The BI Tool user who created the dashboard. If this user has created an account in Select Star with the same email, their different accounts will be listed under their User Profile.
  • Popularity - Calculated by Select Star. This is based on impressions. For dashboards it is the # of views over a period of 30-90 days.
  • Loading Status - This shows whether or not the dashboard has run successfully.
    • Indicates the dashboard is loading successfully
    • Indicates uncertain loading status. This dashboard has not been run in a while
    • This dashboard's last run was unsuccessful. One or more of the queries has an error.
  • Last Edited - When the metadata of the dashboard was last changed in the BI Tool.
  • Last Run - When the dashboard was last run. This is currently updated during Select Star's daily metadata sync. If you run your dashboards more than once a day, this may not show the most recent run.

Dashboard Tabs

Tabs will give you special information about how the dashboard is used and how it connects to other data in your organization.
  • Fields (Looker)/Views (Tableau)/Queries (Mode) - Components of the Explore, Workbook, or Dashboard.
  • ****Lineage **** - Works the same way as the Lineage tab for tables. You can explore Upstream Sources and Downstream Targets. This will have the Dashboards option at the bottom of the screen checked by default and center on the current dashboard.
  • Top Users - The people or service accounts who query or view this table most.
  • ****Discussion **** - A place for anyone in Select Star to post searchable questions or comments about the dashboard.