Select Star has three types of documentation:

  1. Pages - Pages are general purpose and can be used from anything from long technical documentation about processes and data models, to describing key business details at great length, or even an onboarding or feature request doc.

  2. Glossary - The glossary is the place to document key business terms that are common across your organization. The glossary ensures that everyone is using the same language to facilitate effective communication. e.g. ARR, Subscription, MQL

  3. Metrics - Metrics are a defined calculation that has business meaning or aligns with a business goal. e.g. ARR could be a metric as well as a glossary term - the glossary term defines the business meaning of the term, and the metric defines how it is calculated and where in the data stack it is represented


All document types generally allow for rich text editing, including headers, numbered lists, and code blocks. You can mention other documents, metrics, users, tables, columns, and BI elements.

Use @ symbol across Select Star in documents, descriptions, and discussions to reference other objects, to create a knowledge network you can navigate.

If the mentioned object is deprecated, we will show the "Invalid mention" message rather than the general mention format. We do not keep deleted data object names in mentions, but the names of any document type object (page, metric, or glossary) will remain even after deletion.

Document Organization

Nest documents in the hierarchy in order to organize them. Drag it and drop it over the document you wish to nest it under.

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