What is Select Star?

Select Star is an intelligent data discovery platform that automatically analyzes and documents your data.

Many data scientists and business analysts spend too much time looking for the right data, often spending excessive amounts of time having to ask other people to find it.

Select Star provides an easy to use data portal that everyone can use to find and understand data.

High Level Architecture

So, how does Select Star work?

Select Star connects directly to data warehouses and BI tools to fetch metadata, query history, and activity logs from each data source.

Once the metadata and query history enters Select Star, it goes into a unified metadata store via a query parser. The query parser analyzes what data exists, where it exists, and how it's being used.

Based on that query history, popularity is automatically calculated based on what's being used, what's not being used, and who's using what. This popularity shows on every data object in Select Star.

By default, all columns in a table, all tables in a database, all dashboards in a BI tool will be ordered by popularity in Select Star so you can always see what's being used most first.

Each table and dashboard in Select Star then shows a data lineage model, to easily see from one place what the data dependencies are, where the data came from, and where it's being used.

Using Select Star, customers can build metrics, definitions, and workflows so they can organize and describe their data across all their data tools from one central location.

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